“Explosive Evidence Of Corruption Inside Royal Commission”

How is it that SC assisting the Royal Commission,Gail Furness, is allowed to cross examine her SSM partner, Maree Walk? That’s right! Gail Furness is married to Maree Walk, Head of Out Of Home Care N.S.W, including Foster Care and Adoptions. Justice McLelland and his Intrepid Religous Zealots,have completely ignored our calls to have this “Conflict Of Interest” investigated. Complaints to the Royal Commission themselves have also been ignored. Maree Walk oversaw the William Tyrell disappearance in her role as head of out of home care and also the death of young Braxton, two cases that highlights her reign and the carnage left.If the Royal commission wont act, on what is clearly a “Conflict Of Interest” then that leaves us with no choice other than lodge a complaint with F.A.C.S N.S.W head honcho, Michael Coutts Trotter!


Whats this? Michael Coutts Trotter, husband to Tanya Plibersek, is not only the head of F.A.C.S, N.S.W but a convicted Herion trafficker! WTF is going on? We have the head of Out Of Home Care giving “Corrupt” evidence to the Royal Commission whilst being questioned by her WIFE, Gail Furness! Maree Walk’s boss is a convicted drug trafficker who is in charge of the very Dept that is under the spotlight for the disappearance of William Tyrell and the litany of Abuse and cover-up within the walls of F.A.C.S, N.S.W. The buck stops with this “Motley Crew” of miscreants! I have it on very good authority that a senior F.A.C.S member was convicted of multiple CSA charges and sentenced to home detention. That person then went missing on over 80 occasions, his ankle monitor alerting F.A.C.S workers who would simply go out, find him, then return him home without so much as lodging a report!I believe these allegation have been swept under the  carpet by F.A.C.S and the Royal Commission. Imagine the Dinner Table conversation at the Furness/Walk household regarding Williem Tyrell and the Royal Commissions intent on covering it up!

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Eric Hudson was appointed Head Counsellor for the Royal Commission and Confidante to Survivors experiencing trauma related to giving evidence at the Royal commission. Imagine the shock felt by one survivor who felt the full wrath of Eric Hudson’s anger and persistant bullying because she would’nt take down a poster she had put up at the Ballarat hearings! The following is Testimony given by Gabrielle Short to the Royal Commission via email, back in 2015, whereby Gabbi outlines a litany of Bully Boy Tactics implemented on herself by Eric Hudson.

Hi Julie.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to us, when we visited the Royal Commission on Thursday August 31st 2017.

As per your request, this is the footage of what occurred at a previous Royal Commission in Ballarat. I have saved copies of three videos onto a USB stick for you. And I have included another copy of the complaints I gave to you on the day we spoke.

As you will see, at no stage did I approach Eric nor did I abuse him in any way. On the morning of the day in question. I had learned that Eric had ordered us to take down the banners, but myself and some other Forgotten Australians had been up in the court room listening to the witness testimonies at the time. So, when we arrived back outside to where our banners were, we had found that the banners had been taken down. I was informed by Stephanie a fellow forgotten Australian who had stayed outside during this time that she was ordered by Eric to take them down, and said when she asked why that he told her that it was because people were offended by them.

Given that Eric has no Jurisdiction to make such a request, and secondly, given that these banners were in no way offensive, I took it upon myself to put them all back where they were. And, as I was leaning up to stick one of them back up, I heard a male voice behind me say “how are you going pulling down the banners ladies” to which I replied “we’re not, we’re putting them back up” And this voice was starting to get quite aggressive as he was not happy we refused to obey his order. I was told this was Eric at this stage, and then I saw him walk up the stairs and speak to security, at his request they then came down to enquire about the banners, they inspected the banners and then said that we were in fact not doing anything illegal and that the banners were not breaching anything so they are okay for them to stay where they are. Eric was not happy with this so he then went to the Federal Police, and this also resulted with same outcome.

When Eric realised that his plea’s to both security and federal police failed. He then approached me again, and requested that I pull them down. At this stage, Stephanie had the video camera and began to film the conversation. It’s very hard to hear the audio, due to a lot of background noise. But if you listen to the whole video you will pick up parts of the conversation. You will also see that I not once was rude to Eric. He approached me, Eric and Luke were hell bent on us pulling down those banners. At one stage when I said to them that security did not have a problem, Luke actually replied with “I don’t believe you”. It made me feel quite disrespected and intimidated, I feel this was borderline harassment and it made me feel like as far as they are concerned we are irrelevant, possibly because we did not come under the Clan banner, and we are not connected to any registered organisation. It seemed they were trying desperately to convince us that we were doing the wrong thing. Myself, Eric and Luke did not realise that Stephanie was recording this transaction, until Stephanie made a noise from behind and as you will see Eric then turns around.

Eric and Luke pretty well spent the whole morning on trying to get our banners taken down. One would think that they would have more pressing matters to attend too and not being paid to harass victims of abuse for expressing themselves in a reasonable manner.

You will also see in the video that there was an incident between Stephanie and Eric, which had nothing to do with me. In fact when Eric asked Stephanie to stop filming him, I supported him on that. He then walks away from Stephanie and approaches me and introduces himself then proceeds to question my right of freedom to express myself in a legal way as explained above.

So, I would really like to know, under who’s authority were Eric and Luke questioning me under and what law was I breaking?

I have previously submitted details of my horrible experience during the Royal Commission of August 2015 where I was not given any support from the Royal Commission.

Fast forward February 2017

While I was down in Sydney attending the Catholic Church final hearing. Eric and I crossed paths again, as there was an incident with another survivor who had travelled all the way from Melbourne, and when he arrived he told us that he was going to commit suicide out the front of the RC. I will not go into too much detail here, but we did approach Eric about it, we went into a room, and while in that room Eric was virtually saying that he couldn’t really help.

So we sought help from Francis Sullivan who also couldn’t provide any help either except to say that he could provide a list of agencies that the survivor could contact and ask for help. We were not very happy with this result. Although eventually we did manage to get help for this victim from another source who ended up paying for his accommodation and also paid for his flight back to Melbourne.

So whilst in the room with Eric we had got into conversation and a friend who was with me spoke up about an incident she had, had with Eric, and that was when I also mentioned about Ballarat, Eric started to raise his voice and stated “oh you and Stephanie treated me appallingly down at the RC in Ballarat” I was shocked at his statement, because I knew this was not true. I then responded to Eric and said if anything it was you who treated myself appallingly due to intimidation tactics you were using to get me to pull the banners down, you were the one who approached me”

I then had to tell Eric that the conversation outside of the RC in Ballarat was recorded. He then got very angry and threw his glasses on the table (There are witnesses to this). After we left the room I was a bit shaken up, and then it suddenly dawned on me that what Eric had said in the room about me treating him appallingly down at the RC Ballarat, could very possibly be the reason why I was refused support when I was giving my public testimony at the Youth Training Centre’s hearing for the Royal Commission in Melbourne August 2015. I feel that he has rubbed my name in the dirt to his colleagues, who he may not of necessarily instructed not to support me, but may have not done so due to what they had heard from their boss Eric.


Gabrielle Short https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMdEqfxsjNs 

I would also advise Eric Hudson, Head Counsellor, Royal commission, to take down this picture he has on his facebook account. I wont show the full picture as it can constitute Child Pornography! The link to see complete picture is, https://www.pablopicasso.org/boy-leading-a-horse.jsp. Disgusted to think that the very person who’s job it is to counsel CSA survivors feels its ok to have this on his account!

thumbnail_eric hudson boy with horse NOT appropriate






Homelessness, The Stain Of Salvation!

So this is as good as it gets for our homeless on the Mornington Peninsula? The Mornington Peninsula Leader Newspaper revealed that the Salvation Army had referred the homeless to the Rosebud Foreshore including a mother and her three children who had resided there for seven weeks in a tent. Australian of the year, Lieutenant General, David Morrison was once quoted as saying “The Standard You Walk By Is The Standard That You Accept” and he should know. The reign of Sexual Misconduct that festered under the Command of David Morrison and the ADF’s treatment of former defense personnel who find themselves homeless and destitute is downright unconscionable. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/south-east/residents-react-with-sadness-and-anger-over-reports-that-homeless-people-are-being-placed-in-tents-at-rosebud-foreshore/news-story/00cad69b6cdab1823da7f6f4cefede9d


homeless rosebud

Then we have the Commander of the Salvation Army, Brendan Nottle, what of his standards? The recent revelation that the Salvation Army are supplying the homeless with tents and primus gas stoves, then referring them to the Rosebud Foreshore Camping Grounds, defy’s belief! I rang a friend of mine who has had many dealings with the homeless and those suffering from Mental Health ailments, Mr Andrew Klein and we decided we would both go down to Rosebud and have a look first hand. On Thursday 27th April Andrew and i ventured down to Rosebud and found the camping grounds empty, bar one or two caravans still packing to leave the site as it shuts down on the 30th April. We noticed a blue tarp popping out of some bushes and on further investigation we came across a tent, surrounded by shrubs with a Blue Tarp covering the roof for extra protection. IMG_0832

I approached the tent and called out if there was anybody inside and was greeted by a lady and her partner who introduced themselves as Deb and Rod, (names changed to protect). Deb told Andrew and i that she had been referred to the Rosebud Foreshore by PYFS, Peninsula Youth Family Services, a service provided by the Salvation Army! Deb went on to tell us that she is a former State Ward and had fallen into homeless after being discharged from her wardship at age 18. Thrown onto the street by the government, just as thousands of other State Wards were, and left to fend for herself. Deb and Rod also stated that PYFS had told them that they would be able to camp there for no fee as camping ground was closing over winter. Once they arrived they learnt that they would have to pay $110 a week if they wanted a powered site and given it was 10 degrees outside, Deb and Rod had no choice other than pay for a powered site for heating etc,etc. Thats two thirds of Deb’s newstart allowance, leaving very little for food, prescriptions etc. Rod tells us that because of his drug addiction, (currently on methadone) he cannot receive newstart allowance as he is unfit for work but not unfit enough to receive disability or sickness allowance. The couple go on to tell us that they are freezing cold at night and are constantly killing spiders and other bugs. I told Deb i would return the next day, 28th, with a heater that would be safe for them to use in tent. I rang Deb on the 28th to let her know i was on my way and was told that she had already gone out and brought one for $15 to which i replied “How are you for food”? Deb answered she was fine and did’nt need any help and she also stated she has trouble asking anyone for help. I could’nt help but think that someone had a word to her regarding her stay on foreshore. I wonder how much, if any, money has changed hands between the Rosebud Shire Council and the Salvation Army? Are we seeing another Camp Pell being erected at Rosebud? The Salvation Army are gifted millions and millions by our government and bequeths yet the best that Brendan Nottle can come up with, “The Standard That He Accepts” is a tent and three hail mary’s! Thank God For The Salvo’s!  

Let me tell you a story about a most vile regime
who wield a “Red Shield” like a well oiled machine
dressed in black uniform all pressed and preened
lie’s a most sinister evil a most vile regime

“Thank God For The Salvo’s”and the trust they betrayed
“Thank God For The Salvo’s”and their paedophyllic way’s
“Thank God For The Salvo’s” for the scar’s on display
“Thank God For The Salvo’s” you may need them one day

Now Forgotten Australian’s throughout the nation the State wards,The Stolen and Child Migration know all too well of their deprivation
“Thank God For The Salvo’s” and the stain of salvation.



Sir Gustav Nossal, The Nazi In The Dorms!

He was born four weeks prematurely in Bad Ischl while his mother was on holiday. His family left their home town of Vienna for Australia in 1939 following Nazi Germany‘s annexation of Austria. As his father’s grandparents were Jewish, he was also considered Jewish and at risk of being sent to concentration camps. In an interview with Adam Spencer, Nossal noted that his father was not a professing Jew but of Jewish ethnicity as he had been baptised a Roman Catholic as a child. Nossal remarked that his father “therefore thought that he would be somewhat protected from the Holocaust-type situations. Of course, he hadn’t properly read Mein Kampf. It was all spelt out there: if your four grandparents were Jewish, then you were Jewish.”[1] He was baptised and remains a practising Roman Catholic.[2]

When he first attended school in Australia, Nossal spoke no English[3] but he graduated from St Aloysius’ College in 1947[4] as the dux of the College.[5] In 1948, he entered the Sydney Medical School, graduating later with first-class honours. At the age of 26, he left his job in Sydney and moved to Melbourne to work with Macfarlane Burnet in medical science at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and gained his Ph.D. degree in 1960. Gustav would go on to be director of Walter and Eliza Hall from 1965 until his retirement in 1996.During those years Nossal oversaw an Experimental Vaccine Program whereby babies from various religeous run Orphanages were used as guinea pigs for “Herpes” and Polio Vaccines. Infact the same pharmaceutical company involved, GSK, injected babies in England with AIDS! In 1997 The Age Newspaper ran a front page apology by CSIRO, CSL and Walter and Eliza Hall stating that they did infact use these children as Guinea Pigs and the children were supplied by Berry St, St Josephs Babies Home Broadmeadows and other childrens homes. Sir Gustav Nossal is number 1 Patron of Berry st? To this day he gets to sit and watch over his PRIDE of Guinea Pigs whilst all along collecting data on his subjects along the way. There were an estimated 3 million vials of Polio Vaccines contaminated with the SV40 Monkey Virus that the Government swear were never used but this author thinks otherwise. In the early 70’s my brother and i were in Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital. My symptoms were, Swallen Upper and Lower Lips with skin peeling upwards toward nose and downward toward my chin. I was in excruciating pain and recall the doctor telling me i had an allergic reaction to Vitamin C, Citrus? Why my brother was there i do not recall but when i requested my files through FOI i was informed by Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital that they have no record of me or my brother ever being there? I remember it like it was yesterday and as i say it was the only time we had been in hospital together.My brother had what they thought was Polio and he died aged 39 from Lung Cancer. Lung Cancer is also one of the side effects for having taken the contaminated Polio Vaccine. The News article also made mention of children from Broadmeadows Babies Home were used as part of these trials also so i thought i would do a little investigating myself and what i found was nothing short of HORRIFYING! 491 babies lay in unmarked graves out at Broadmeadows, Wil wil Rook Cemetary. How many of these babies were used for experiments we may never know but given the church often buried children in mass graves, two to four a grave, the true numbers will never be known. They wont even tell us if in fact we were used, nor will they tell anyone they know who’s on the list if they’re on the list. CLAN C.E.O has the list of names of those still alive who were used but she aint saying nothing either! So whilst the likes of Leonie Seedy, CLAN and Goosestepping Nazi sympathiser Sir Gustav Nossal, play god with our health, former state wards and forgotten australians are dying from cancer related illnesses at very young ages, 39 in my brothers case. http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2004/10/24/1098556293576.html

Polio vaccine tested at orphanages

By Gary Hughes
October 25, 2004

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Vaccine is prepared in 1956.Vaccine is prepared in 1956.
Photo: Neil Murray

A Federal Government agency used babies in Victorian orphanages and children’s homes to test a new quadruple antigen vaccination, which included polio vaccine possibly contaminated with a monkey virus since linked to cancer.

Commonwealth Serum Laboratory records show the trials were conducted on babies as young as three months in five institutions between December 1959 and early 1961.

Quadruple antigen, containing Salk polio vaccine, was not publicly released until November 1960.

The Age revealed on Saturday that millions of doses of Salk vaccine produced by the then government-owned CSL between 1956-62 were contaminated with a monkey virus called SV40. Researchers have found traces of the virus in a range of human cancer cells, including mesothelioma lung disease.

It is not clear from the CSL records whether polio vaccine used to produce quadruple antigen used in the tests came from contaminated batches.

Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott has ordered a departmental inquiry into CSL’s decision to release contaminated vaccines.

The National Health and Medical Research Council said it would work with federal health authorities to assess the need for more research into possible links between SV40 and cancer.


Health authorities have stressed there was no proven link between SV40 and cancer and have also reassured the public that polio vaccines still routinely given to all babies were safe and free from the virus and other known contaminants.

But a national support group for victims of contaminated medical products yesterday called for a royal commission into CSL.

“The track record of CSL demonstrates the need for a royal commission into all their operations,” said Independent Blood Council president Charles MacKenzie.

CSL research records in the National Archives show that 56 babies under the age of 12 months were used in the Victorian vaccine trials.

One baby died of meningitis in August 1960, less than three months after completing a course of three quadruple antigen injections.

The records list the names of the institutions, the names and ages of the babies, the doses given and the results of blood tests done before and after the vaccinations to measure polio antibodies.

The institutions used in the trials were St Joseph’s Home in Broadmeadows, Berry Street Foundling Home, Bethany Babies Home in Geelong, Methodist Babies Home and the Children’s Welfare Department at Turana, run by the Victorian government.

There is no indication of who gave formal consent for the babies to be used in the trials, which were carried out by CSL’s virus research department.

Further development and use of the quadruple antigen, which also provided vaccination against whooping cough, diptheria and tetanus, appeared to have been abandoned during 1962-63. Salk vaccine was replaced with Sabin oral polio vaccine by 1965.

The Age has revealed that in 1997 Victorian children’s homes and orphanages had been used by a number of medical and research organisations, including CSL, for trials of a range of experimental vaccines.

The reports led to inquiries by the state and federal health departments, which concluded there was no evidence of any other similar medical trials. Neither report referred to the quadruple antigen trials.

The State Government report, a copy of which has been obtained under freedom of information by Melbourne researcher Brenda Coughlan, found no record of the Department of Human Services providing formal consent for state wards to be used in trials.

The Age‘s revelations were examined by the Senate’s inquiry into mistreatment of state wards, which said in its report in August that it was unclear who was legally responsible for allowing the children to be used. It concluded that any long-term health effects on children used in the experiments were unknown.

The experimental use of quadruple antigen was investigated by a commission of inquiry in 2003.

Rachel David, director of public affairs at CSL, said community attitudes at the time of the quadruple antigen trials in Melbourne were very different.

She said it would have been a logical decision to trial the new vaccinations in such institutions because “lots of kids died of communicable and vaccine preventable disease” in them.



CSA Royal Commission’s Shameful Deceit!

Children Raped!

14 year old girl pack raped and denied justice.


Bob Atkinson covered up the pack rape of a 14 year old indigenous girl yet sit’s on current Royal Commission Into CSA?

Bob Atkinson’s reign as Queensland Police Commissioner will be remembered for it’s litany of corruption and deceit, none more so than the role he played in the Heiner Affair! This vile piece of filth ensured that a 14 year old Indigenous girl, who was pack raped whilst on an escorted excursion from the John Oxley Youth Detention Center, would never receive justice.In august 2012, the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry handed down 68 recommendations relating to the cover up known as the Heiner Affair, below are just a few of those recommendations and plea’s to numerous politicians to have Bob Atkinson removed.The first is an email sent to Derryn Hinch

Wayne Simmonds <forgottenaustraliansjusticecom@gmail.com>


to hinch
Derryn the security code for this document is Tsisrep2012.
Please look at count 65 regarding Bob Atkinson
Attachments area
Preview attachment Exhibit_5_Attachment_2 (1) (1).pdf

Exhibit_5_Attachment_2 (1) (1).pdf
Nick Xenaphon’s office were’nt interested either?

Wayne Simmonds <forgottenaustraliansjusticecom@gmail.com>


to senator.xenoph.
The security code to access this file is Tsisrep2012.
Dear Mr Xenephon,please access this file and go to count 65
regarding Bob Atkinson, who has been appointed as a commissioner
in the upcoming Royal Commission.The Queensland Child Protection
Commission Of Inquiry handed down there recommendations in late
august 2012.Count 65 recommends that Bob Atkinson face corruption
charges in his role as Queensland Police Commissioner.This file
contains 2’700 pages of damning recommendations and prima facie
evidence and in our opinion is the most explosive document in
Australian political history.The Gillard government has appointed
another “Puppet” to go into damage control in relation to upcoming
Royal Commission,just as they have done in previous Commission’s
of Inquiry regarding child sex abuse (Leneene Forde).The QCPCI
also makes damning allegations against three Governor Generals and
just about anyone who was a member of the Labor Party of Queensland.
We ask,PLEAD, that you look into this matter and take the necessary
action to ensure that justice prevails.
Thanking You
Attachments area
Preview attachment Exhibit_5_Attachment_2 (1) (1).pdf

Exhibit_5_Attachment_2 (1) (1).pdf
This email sent to AG George.
March 2014 Bob Atkinson was investigated for ripping off the Queensland Homicide Squad of $300’000
Finally this email sent to AG George Brandis pleading with him to remove Bob Atkinson from the Royal Commission.
to senator.brandis
To the Honourable Attorney General,George Brandis.
I would like to draw your attention to a gross miscarriage of justice surrounding
the appointment of former Queensland Police Commissioner,Bob Atkinson.The
Queensland Child Protection Commission Of Inquiry,chaired by Tim Carmody,
handed down it’s finding’s in August 2012,recommending that Bob Atkinson be
charged with “Corruption” for his handling of sex abuse allegation’s that occured
at the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre in Queensland.Imagine our surprise to
find that Labor Attorney General,Nicola Roxon,had appointed Bob Atkinson to the
Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse.We urge you
to please dismiss Mr Atkinson from the Royal Commission forthwith as his presence cast’s a dark shadow over proceedings leaving victim’s feeling victimised
once again.The prima facea evidence against Bob Atkinson is truly damning and
a man tarnished with such allegation’s has no place on the Royal Commission.
I have also added a link to a petition we have gathered and you will find signature’s from all around the globe.Mr Brandis please help the victim’s and have Mr Atkinson stand down.Thank you.
So as you can all see, the current Royal Commission Into Child Sex Abuse is an absolute farce!
But wait, there’s more! Did you know that Counsel Assisting Royal Commission, Gail Furness, is in a lesbian relationship with Maree Walk who also happens to be the head of Out Of Home care.The relevance to that is that Out Of Home Care were being investigated by the Royal Commission for their role in covering up child sex abuse.Gail Furness has had conflict of interest allegations levelled at her in previous Inquiries she has partaken. I then confronted Royal Commission with my concerns and was subsequently stalked by Maree Walk who slid in and then scampered out of my twitter account.
Maree Walk
Deputy Secretary, Programs and Service Design | NSW Department of Family and Community Services
Sydney, Australia · http://www.facs.nsw.gov.au
Followed by CA Royal Commission.

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Paedarist Playground,”Buckingham Palace”!

Paedarist Playground

Paedarist Playground

There is a foul, putrid stench of CSA permeating the House of Common’s and Buckingham Palace and U.K CSA survivor’s are demanding the Queen sanction a “Transparent” Royal Commission into CSA.This author certainly wont be holding his breath in anticipation and i cite Australia’s “Heiner Affair”,FordeInquiry,QCPCI,Canada’s “Cornwall Inquiry”,Ireland’s Royal Commission Into CSA and the current Royal Commission in Australia for that assertion!The common denominator with all these Inquiries is clearly the English Monarchy, secondly,the appointment of Commissioners to chair these Inquiries are tainted with corruption and whose appointment is based on a “Damage Control” mantra! Victim’s of CSA throughout the commonwealth, see through the facade and the Establishment know it.https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BzEep4M8b2sJRkRjY09SRnE1NEU/edit?pli=1Ireland’s Justice Murphy speaking at Victoria University about the difficulties of investigating child sex abuse by clergy.A must listen! I confronted Justice Murphy via question time about the placement of corrupt figures in commission’s of inquiry who simply go into damage control and i cited “The Cornwall Inquiry” and “The Forde Inquiry”as an example of this and i also stated that the epidemic of child sex abuse throughout the commonwealth is covered up and protected by the Monarchy.I was quickly cut short by Chief Justice Frank Vincent who was clearly livid that i had the balls to even ask such a question,shit i thought he was about to have a cardiac!! In the audience was the who’s who of the Judiciary,Supreme Court,County Court and Magistrates court. They say there’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity!! I must say i felt pretty stupid after realising i may very well have put a target on myself!

Heiner Affair Australia’s Shredgate shared a link.

Posted by Wayne Simmonds · 20 December 2014.

FORDE family involved in Child Sex Abuse Inquiries right across the Commonwealth!