“Explosive Evidence Of Corruption Inside Royal Commission”

How is it that SC assisting the Royal Commission,Gail Furness, is allowed to cross examine her SSM partner, Maree Walk? That’s right! Gail Furness is married to Maree Walk, Head of Out Of Home Care N.S.W, including Foster Care and Adoptions. Justice McLelland and his Intrepid Religous Zealots,have completely ignored our calls to have this “Conflict Of Interest” investigated. Complaints to the Royal Commission themselves have also been ignored. Maree Walk oversaw the William Tyrell disappearance in her role as head of out of home care and also the death of young Braxton, two cases that highlights her reign and the carnage left.If the Royal commission wont act, on what is clearly a “Conflict Of Interest” then that leaves us with no choice other than lodge a complaint with F.A.C.S N.S.W head honcho, Michael Coutts Trotter!


Whats this? Michael Coutts Trotter, husband to Tanya Plibersek, is not only the head of F.A.C.S, N.S.W but a convicted Herion trafficker! WTF is going on? We have the head of Out Of Home Care giving “Corrupt” evidence to the Royal Commission whilst being questioned by her WIFE, Gail Furness! Maree Walk’s boss is a convicted drug trafficker who is in charge of the very Dept that is under the spotlight for the disappearance of William Tyrell and the litany of Abuse and cover-up within the walls of F.A.C.S, N.S.W. The buck stops with this “Motley Crew” of miscreants! I have it on very good authority that a senior F.A.C.S member was convicted of multiple CSA charges and sentenced to home detention. That person then went missing on over 80 occasions, his ankle monitor alerting F.A.C.S workers who would simply go out, find him, then return him home without so much as lodging a report!I believe these allegation have been swept under the  carpet by F.A.C.S and the Royal Commission. Imagine the Dinner Table conversation at the Furness/Walk household regarding Williem Tyrell and the Royal Commissions intent on covering it up!

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Eric Hudson was appointed Head Counsellor for the Royal Commission and Confidante to Survivors experiencing trauma related to giving evidence at the Royal commission. Imagine the shock felt by one survivor who felt the full wrath of Eric Hudson’s anger and persistant bullying because she would’nt take down a poster she had put up at the Ballarat hearings! The following is Testimony given by Gabrielle Short to the Royal Commission via email, back in 2015, whereby Gabbi outlines a litany of Bully Boy Tactics implemented on herself by Eric Hudson.

Hi Julie.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to us, when we visited the Royal Commission on Thursday August 31st 2017.

As per your request, this is the footage of what occurred at a previous Royal Commission in Ballarat. I have saved copies of three videos onto a USB stick for you. And I have included another copy of the complaints I gave to you on the day we spoke.

As you will see, at no stage did I approach Eric nor did I abuse him in any way. On the morning of the day in question. I had learned that Eric had ordered us to take down the banners, but myself and some other Forgotten Australians had been up in the court room listening to the witness testimonies at the time. So, when we arrived back outside to where our banners were, we had found that the banners had been taken down. I was informed by Stephanie a fellow forgotten Australian who had stayed outside during this time that she was ordered by Eric to take them down, and said when she asked why that he told her that it was because people were offended by them.

Given that Eric has no Jurisdiction to make such a request, and secondly, given that these banners were in no way offensive, I took it upon myself to put them all back where they were. And, as I was leaning up to stick one of them back up, I heard a male voice behind me say “how are you going pulling down the banners ladies” to which I replied “we’re not, we’re putting them back up” And this voice was starting to get quite aggressive as he was not happy we refused to obey his order. I was told this was Eric at this stage, and then I saw him walk up the stairs and speak to security, at his request they then came down to enquire about the banners, they inspected the banners and then said that we were in fact not doing anything illegal and that the banners were not breaching anything so they are okay for them to stay where they are. Eric was not happy with this so he then went to the Federal Police, and this also resulted with same outcome.

When Eric realised that his plea’s to both security and federal police failed. He then approached me again, and requested that I pull them down. At this stage, Stephanie had the video camera and began to film the conversation. It’s very hard to hear the audio, due to a lot of background noise. But if you listen to the whole video you will pick up parts of the conversation. You will also see that I not once was rude to Eric. He approached me, Eric and Luke were hell bent on us pulling down those banners. At one stage when I said to them that security did not have a problem, Luke actually replied with “I don’t believe you”. It made me feel quite disrespected and intimidated, I feel this was borderline harassment and it made me feel like as far as they are concerned we are irrelevant, possibly because we did not come under the Clan banner, and we are not connected to any registered organisation. It seemed they were trying desperately to convince us that we were doing the wrong thing. Myself, Eric and Luke did not realise that Stephanie was recording this transaction, until Stephanie made a noise from behind and as you will see Eric then turns around.

Eric and Luke pretty well spent the whole morning on trying to get our banners taken down. One would think that they would have more pressing matters to attend too and not being paid to harass victims of abuse for expressing themselves in a reasonable manner.

You will also see in the video that there was an incident between Stephanie and Eric, which had nothing to do with me. In fact when Eric asked Stephanie to stop filming him, I supported him on that. He then walks away from Stephanie and approaches me and introduces himself then proceeds to question my right of freedom to express myself in a legal way as explained above.

So, I would really like to know, under who’s authority were Eric and Luke questioning me under and what law was I breaking?

I have previously submitted details of my horrible experience during the Royal Commission of August 2015 where I was not given any support from the Royal Commission.

Fast forward February 2017

While I was down in Sydney attending the Catholic Church final hearing. Eric and I crossed paths again, as there was an incident with another survivor who had travelled all the way from Melbourne, and when he arrived he told us that he was going to commit suicide out the front of the RC. I will not go into too much detail here, but we did approach Eric about it, we went into a room, and while in that room Eric was virtually saying that he couldn’t really help.

So we sought help from Francis Sullivan who also couldn’t provide any help either except to say that he could provide a list of agencies that the survivor could contact and ask for help. We were not very happy with this result. Although eventually we did manage to get help for this victim from another source who ended up paying for his accommodation and also paid for his flight back to Melbourne.

So whilst in the room with Eric we had got into conversation and a friend who was with me spoke up about an incident she had, had with Eric, and that was when I also mentioned about Ballarat, Eric started to raise his voice and stated “oh you and Stephanie treated me appallingly down at the RC in Ballarat” I was shocked at his statement, because I knew this was not true. I then responded to Eric and said if anything it was you who treated myself appallingly due to intimidation tactics you were using to get me to pull the banners down, you were the one who approached me”

I then had to tell Eric that the conversation outside of the RC in Ballarat was recorded. He then got very angry and threw his glasses on the table (There are witnesses to this). After we left the room I was a bit shaken up, and then it suddenly dawned on me that what Eric had said in the room about me treating him appallingly down at the RC Ballarat, could very possibly be the reason why I was refused support when I was giving my public testimony at the Youth Training Centre’s hearing for the Royal Commission in Melbourne August 2015. I feel that he has rubbed my name in the dirt to his colleagues, who he may not of necessarily instructed not to support me, but may have not done so due to what they had heard from their boss Eric.


Gabrielle Short https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMdEqfxsjNs 

I would also advise Eric Hudson, Head Counsellor, Royal commission, to take down this picture he has on his facebook account. I wont show the full picture as it can constitute Child Pornography! The link to see complete picture is, https://www.pablopicasso.org/boy-leading-a-horse.jsp. Disgusted to think that the very person who’s job it is to counsel CSA survivors feels its ok to have this on his account!

thumbnail_eric hudson boy with horse NOT appropriate






5 thoughts on ““Explosive Evidence Of Corruption Inside Royal Commission”

  1. gabba dabba doo says:

    I have just got off the phone to the General Manager who has told me she has spoken to Eric, and one of his comments was that if he had known the impact it was going to cause me he would not of done it. But that is what he is saying now because he never thought we would take it any further. Another comment from Eric was that the Security approached him, so if that was the case which we know wasn’t the case then why did security say they were ok with our banners, we even went on to put our banners up for the next 2 days after this incident. So if security or police had a problem we would of not been able to keep putting our banners up. So Eric has lied again. But of course you would expect that, because Royal Commission is no different to the churches when it comes to covering up for their employees.

  2. Michael Mathews says:

    Thank you again Wayne for this truthful post about our disgusting, cruel joke of the CSA Royal Commission. Thanks also Gabbie for your relentless work for genuine victims of horrific crimes against our children and the lifelong further abuses they suffer because justice continues to be perverted and obstructed by people within the sic system. Thanks also Stephanie for your gutsy work against the corruption surrounding all decent Australians in many forms.
    These perverted people running the system are not christians as they falsely claim but they are behaving in a way that is actually AntiChrist in nature. The Bible clearly exposes all of these liars, cowards, thieves and hypocrites and they will be forced to face extremely harsh judgement with no possibility of being acquitted. I hope people are beginning to discern this judgement is imminent.

  3. Years ago I was standing infront of Supreme Court Sydney (the time I beleived we had Law and Order) Infront of Court the man was walking up and down the street with a sign ”Judge Wood is Pedophile ”. What a surprise when that excat Judge was made Royal Commissioner for CSA.

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