Malcolm Turnbull The Point Piper Pirate!

I would like to draw your attention to Malcolm Turnbulls multi million dollar share portfolio with pharmaceutical
giant, Glaxo Smith Kline, (GSK). You would be aware that the Turnbull gov recently announced that they would be
making the Hepatitis C medication available on the PBS what concerns me is
the fact that the Australian tax payer are subsidising Malcolm Turnbulls multi million dollar share port folio to the
tune of $66’000 per recipient and given there are approximately 100’s of 1’000’s riddled with Hep C and Hep B, for
which GSK hold the rights, the Turnbulls are quite literally rolling in the money. Surely this constitutes a massive
conflict of interest that needs to be addressed? Glaxo Smith Kline has an appalling history relating to the use of
Orphans as guinea pigs for vaccinations such as “Herpes” and “Aids” both here and other commonwealth nations
and Malcolm Turnbull is well aware of this.

Further investigation shows that between 2010 & 2016, 2’635 GSK meds were released on PBS
2016 – 225
2015 – 395
2014 – 390
2013 – 408
2012 – 450
2011 – 517
2010 – 450
Total = 2’635
Seems GSK are quite popular with the Australian Liberal Government and why would’nt they be with Rupert Murdoch as co-owner with Bill Gates! We all know that the Australian Liberal Party march to the beat of Murdochs drum and this is further evident in the amount of GSK medication flooding the market and released on PBS! I wonder how many Politicians have share portfolios with GSK? Talk about insider trading!
Crikey, i hav’nt even mentioned Turnbulls Multi Million Dollar share portfolio with the Tobacco giants, every time the government increases tax revenue on cigarettes, kerching for the Turnbulls. So why is it that the Point Piper Pirate, (malcolm) is slamming Australia Posts C.E.O’s wages as “To High” when he has his snout in the trough of the Pharmaceutical and Tobacco Industries? Hypocricy reigns supreme in the Turnbull government thats for sure.So as you awaken tomorrow and hear the news of more Medications being listed on the PBS, ask yourself this, does our Prime Minister have a massive conflict of interest regarding his share portfolio’s thus making his role as Prime Minister an untenable one?
GSK’s litany of unconscionable vaccine trials on Children know no boundaries as this link shows!¬†¬†imagine when the adult vaccine register becomes mandatory in Australia with GSK leading the way? God help us all!

Australian Orphans Used As Guinea Pigs

To this day the Walter And Eliza Hall Research Center, CSL and the CSIRO, along with the Australian Government, have refused to release the names of surviving children who were used in the most vile of ways simply because they were nobody’s children!