“Till Death Do Us Part”!

The date has been set, 29.4.2015, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran will pay the ultimate price for there role in trafficking herion, death by firing squad. Whilst i do not condone or believe that the death penalty should exist i find it incredibly hard to garner any sort of sympathy whatsoever having witnessed first hand the effects drug addiction has on our society. Let’s not pull any punches here, Sukumaran was a standover thug who intimidated vulnerable young drug addicted kids into trafficking, Andrew Chan helped facillitate that intimidation.Should that cost them there lives? I look at it this way. How many times have these two managed to succeed in there peddling of misery to the most vulnerable of our society, our children? Innocent civillians are paying with there lives as drug addicted fiends Rob,Rape and Murder in order for there next hit.So many of our young have suicided as a consequence of falling prey to this scourge.There are some in Government who wish to hold a candle light vidual for these two “Rehabilitated” drug traffickers,i would suggest they “Walk A Mile In The Shoes Of Victims” not “Shine A Light On The Shadows Of Crimminals”. Below are two poems that sum up the vile scourge of drug addiction. These poems are not mine but authors are unknown!
So now little lady, you’ve grown tired of grass,
Amphetamines, acid, downers & hash,
Let me introduce you to Lady Heroin…
Well honey, before you start to mess with me,
Just let me tell you of how it will be,
I will seduce and make you my slave,
I’ve sent much stronger than you to the grave.
You think you could never become a disgrace,
and end up addicted to my poppy seed waste.
So you’ll start to inhale me one afternoon,
Then you will take me in your arms very soon
And once I have entered deep down in your vein,
Your life will never again be the same.
You’ll need lots of money just like you’ve been told,
‘Cos Darling I’m much more expensive than gold.
I’m expensive and dangerous, and love to live fast,
That feeling I give you it will never last.
You’ll swindle your mother just for the buzz,
And end up with many visits from the fuzz.
You’ll turn into something vile and corrupt.
You’ll mug and you’ll steal for my narcotic charms,
And you’ll only find peace when I’m there in your arms.
When you realise the monster into which you’ve grown,
You’ll solemnly pledge to leave me alone,
Do you think you’ve got some mystical knack?
Well honey just try getting me off your back,
The vomits, the cramps, your guts tied in knots,
Your trembling nerves scream ‘Just one more shot!’
The hot sweats, the cold chills, the withdrawal pains,
Can only be cured by my little grains.
There’s just no other way, no need to look,
For deep down honey you know you are hooked.
And when I return as I foretold,
You’ll need lots more money, and much more gold.
Because my darling I’ve captured your heart,
You’ve given your morals, your conscience, your heart,
And now you’ll be mine!
Beware I Am Heroin!
Beware my children for I am heroin
Known by all as the destroyer of life
Where do I come from, the governments do know
It’s a far away land where the dark poppy grows
I come into your country I seldom get caught
Then every day after am hunted and sought
Whole nations have gathered to plan my destruction
They call me the breeder of crime and corruption
In tinfoil wraps I soon make my way
To men at work and children at play
From city bankers to the lowest of scum
It won’t take long till you’re under my thumb
The door to your home I will soon break it down
As I cast my dark shadow from city to town
Then once I am in I won’t have to give chase
Because sooner not later your back for a taste
In brown or in white both deadly to use
And once you’re addicted I really abuse
I will make you lie, steal, borrow and beg
As I search for a vein in arm or in leg
I will make you selfish and fill you with greed
Regardless of religion, colour or creed
Then I will destroy your family and cost you no end
Your wife and your children and you’re very best friend
This is the destruction that’s heading your way
So please kick the habit and kick it today
And when temptation strikes then read this again
This time feel the emotion from within this poet
He is so filled with sorrow and pain