CLAN Threaten CSA Survivor whilst he lay Dying! Unconcienable act of Vindictiveness that has permeated the corridors of CLAN for over 15 miserable years.


Below is correspondance from Lewis Blayse addressing his

concern’s about the make up of the CSA Royal Commission,

in particular the appointment of Bob Atkinson, an appointment

that has left many CSA survivors unwilling to testify in front of a

man who has decietfully and fraudently abused every position

he has ever held.Covering up the Palm Island death’s in custody,

Atkinson’s wife recently investigated for fraudently obtaining

$300,000 from the Queensland Homicide coffers and let’s not

the role he played in the “Heiner Affair”,yet he still remains on

the current CSA Royal Commission.Whilst Lewis Blayse lay

dying he sent one last email off to CLAN urging them to have

Bob Atkinson dismissed, Lewis died not long after recieving this

outrageous reply.


Dear Mr Blayse,
Please find attached a letter from CLAN’s President, James Luthy regarding your email.

Quoting Lewis B <>:
I am somewhat miffed that CLAN is not promoting my daily opinion piece
on the Commission, given that i helped you lot set up in the first
place years ago. I know i am rather anti-establishment and that you
now have your government grant, offices etc but that is no excuse. If
you change your mind the site is ( not to be
confused with which is my mathematical art site.)
It seems only fair to me that you should use some of your resources to
help former residents with an alternative perspective to be heard
since we will most likely be ignored by the commissioners one or two
of whom i feel should not be on the commission in the first place. I
hope that this last request from me is not ignored lest i am forced to
take a public ly antagnostic stance towards CLAN.
Lewis Blayse

CLAN PO Box 164, Georges Hall, NSW, 2198 • • Ph 1800 008 774 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1800 008 774 end_of_the_skype_highlighting0425 204 747 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0425 204 747 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Care Leavers Australia Network

29th January 2013

Dear Mr Blayse,

Thank you for your recent email to CLAN and also for the work that you do in promoting the cause of Forgotten Australians.

Whilst we value and acknowledge the work you do and the comments that you make on your website we are unable to accede to your request. There are a number of reasons for this and they are;

1. We find your request both bullying and abusive. You state that if we do not do as you want then you will criticize CLAN and all they do. We do not tolerate threats and we find your tone offensive. We do not accept this type of threatening, rude and aggressive behaviour.

2. If you do wish to criticize CLAN then that is your prerogative, however if you do so in a way that is defamatory, vilifying or slanderous then legal action will be taken against you.

3. We also reserve the right to publish your threatening comments and state why we will not be bullied or threatened into promoting your viewpoints.

4. If you have problem with the Royal Commission or you cannot get your point across then that is your concern. We are concerned about CLAN’s members and we would suggest that you contact your local Federal member, the relevant government ministers, M/s Jenny Macklin or M/s Nicola Roxon and present your views to them.

5. Your views on the appointment of each of the commissioners is entirely your view, but we will not endorse them. We have our own views. Again, if you have a problem with them then feel free to contact the relevant Government department. Also, for your information Andrew Murray is a patron of CLAN.

6. You may have been a member of CLAN when it commenced but because you were a member years ago does not give you the right to suddenly assume you can now dictate another organizations policy.

7. CLAN operates within the guidelines of a code of conduct and CLAN would be breaking those guidelines if we were to do as you demand.

8. To do as you have asked would also lead us open to having to accept and endorse every organizations viewpoint. CLAN has its own policies – it is non – political and the policies of CLAN are decided by an elected committee and are always in the best interests of those members who suffered as children whilst in care.

Feel free to write to CLAN again – your views are welcome and I shall be happy to dialogue with you, but if you write in an abusive manner we will choose not to respond.

Yours faithfully,

James Luthy

CLAN President.

CLAN Care Leavers of Australia Network
Tollfree 1800 008 774 (NSW, VIC, SA, WA, QLD, TAS, ACT, NT)
Tel (02) 9709 4520 Mobile 0425 204 747
Web site:
Street address: 463 Chapel Rd.Bankstown NSW 2200
Mail address: PO Box 164, Georges Hall NSW 2198.

Care Leavers Australia Network have operated for 15 year’s implementing “Divide and Conquer” ideoligies,without fear of any ramification’s that may arise from there bullyboy tactic’s. Leonie Sheedy and her CLAN of merry miscreants are hell bent on ensuring that there outrageous $100,000 a year plus wages are well protected and will fight tooth and nail to do so.CLAN are a Government funded organisation who are supposedly there to help survivors with thing’s such as funding for Dental care,Optometrists etc etc, yet CLAN expect you to pay them a $10 membership fee to access these Government funds.CLAN C.E.O, Leonie Sheedy, recently fronted the Human Right’s Commission with a list of names of children used as guinea pigs for experimental vaccines such as, “Herpes”,yet survivors who think they may have been involved in these experiments are told by Leonie Sheedy that they will not release the names of the children involved.This is an absolute outrage! To think that somebody like Leonie Sheedy,who is a former inmate at various institutions and has no degree’s whatsoever, yet she hold’s in her hand a document so damning it has the potential to expose the going on’s of not only this Government, but Governments past. What hope any of us gaining justice in a realm smothered with corruption.

R.I.P Lewis Blayse, The Fight continue’s!

p.s Why is Bob Atkinson on the current CSA Royal Commission. … … …So much for justice


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