“There was no genocide in Australia! John Howard’s greatest lie!


Truganini in 1866, the last full-blooded Tasmanian

I find it rather “Repulsive” that our Nation is willing to put it’s head in the sand and deny,that the Genocide of our first nation’s people never occured, did’nt happen, atleast according to John Howard.



12 May 2011

The illegal eavesdropping on famous people by the News of the World is said to be Rupert Murdoch’s Watergate. But is it the crime by which Murdoch ought to be known? In his native land, Australia, Murdoch controls 70 per cent of the capital city press. Australia is the world’s first murdochracy, in which smear by media is power.

The most enduring and insidious Murdoch campaign has been against the Aboriginal people, who were dispossessed by the arrival of the British in the late 18th century and have never been allowed to recover. “Nigger hunts” continued into the 1960s and beyond. The officially-inspired theft of children from Aboriginal families, justified by the racist theories of the eugenics movement, produced those known as the Stolen Generation and in 1997 was identified as genocide. Today, the first Australians have the shortest life expectancy of any of the world’s 90 indigenous peoples. Australia imprisons Aborigines at five times the rate South Africa during the apartheid years. In the state of Western Australia, the figure is eight times the apartheid rate.

Read complete article:http://johnpilger.com/articles/how-the-murdoch-press-keeps-australia-s-dirty-secret

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Harold Finch-Hatton (1885): “Whether the Blacks deserve any mercy at the hands of the pioneering squatters is an open question, but that they get none is certain. They are a doomed race, and before many years they will be completely wiped out of the land.” https://sites.google.com/site/aboriginalgenocide/shocking-white-statements

john-howard-e1420960471955[1]  Australia’s former Prime Minister John Howard has been accused of war crimes before the International Criminal Court in The Hague. That’s right “War Crime’s” inc “Genocide”!! http://theaimn.com/complaint-john-howard-international-criminal-court/

Little Johnny has done enormous, irrepairable damage to the image of Australian’s as a whole by facillitating a lie, the same lie that has landed him and his cronies in trouble with the International Crimminal Court, the same lie’s that are being implemented by his “Blue Tie” peer’s with the kind of rhetoric that would make Harold Finch-Hatton blush.Time to pay the rent Australia and start treating the oldest living link to civilisation known to man with the dignity,compassion and empathy worthy of there culture, a culture that to this day has so “Genocidally” been torn apart.






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