A Wasteland Of Deprivation! Weeds,Reeds And Judicial Seed’s!

Whilst this interview took place on the 4th august,2012, listening to it now bring’s a shiver up my spine!Canadian IT company’s effort’s to hack into our email accounts, Mass grave’s across the Commonwealth in what i describe as “A wasteland of Deprivation!,Divide and Conquer effort’s by Government funded Organisation’s who see there $100’000 plus income’s more important than addressing the Attrocities that have occured,Medical Experiment’s for vaccine’s such as “Herpes”,the list of attrocities just go on and on.When will the “Victim’s” recieve Justice? How can the Government, in good concience,suppress the list of name’s concerning children used as guinea pig’s, a fact they’ve never denied and also a National Apology was offered,via the Age Newspaper,by The Eliza Hall Research lab and the CSIRO stating that whilst they admit the experiment’s took place they have no intention of releasing the names of those children who were so despicably used, and worse still, those who died as a result of these experiments were simply and heartlessly buried in limestone, unmarked grave’s, some three and four to a grave!Yes a Wasteland of Deprivation who’s facade is that of weed’s,reed’s and judicial seed’s! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wethejury/2012/08/04/guest-with-kevin-annett
Kevin will begin the show with some updates after which our two Australian guests will be discussing various happenings with each of their groups.

Kathy Devine was a general nurse who also worked in two remote locations as well. She herself was a victim of child sexual assault – the offenders including a parish priest and a catholic school teacher as a child.
Kathy will be talking about a letter she wrote to the Prime Minister in 1999 that may have played a part in a formal apology by the Government of Australia to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia. She also is working with GCAC members seeking a Royal Commission to address the Criminal Abuse of children by Religious and other Entities and is also a member of and coordinator of Survivors of Clergy Abuse Australia.

Wayne Simmonds is one of the founders of Forgotten Australians Justice Committee and a former inmate of one of Australia’s Orphanages. He will be updating us on the progress of their mission at Neerkol Orphanage as well as a recent attempt by hackers to get access to their group account by a company called Internap IT Solutions.

Panel: Kevin Annett-host, Russ Letica-co host,Bill Annett and Marcie Lane-producer



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