Paedarist Playground,”Buckingham Palace”!

Paedarist Playground

Paedarist Playground

There is a foul, putrid stench of CSA permeating the House of Common’s and Buckingham Palace and U.K CSA survivor’s are demanding the Queen sanction a “Transparent” Royal Commission into CSA.This author certainly wont be holding his breath in anticipation and i cite Australia’s “Heiner Affair”,FordeInquiry,QCPCI,Canada’s “Cornwall Inquiry”,Ireland’s Royal Commission Into CSA and the current Royal Commission in Australia for that assertion!The common denominator with all these Inquiries is clearly the English Monarchy, secondly,the appointment of Commissioners to chair these Inquiries are tainted with corruption and whose appointment is based on a “Damage Control” mantra! Victim’s of CSA throughout the commonwealth, see through the facade and the Establishment know it.’s Justice Murphy speaking at Victoria University about the difficulties of investigating child sex abuse by clergy.A must listen! I confronted Justice Murphy via question time about the placement of corrupt figures in commission’s of inquiry who simply go into damage control and i cited “The Cornwall Inquiry” and “The Forde Inquiry”as an example of this and i also stated that the epidemic of child sex abuse throughout the commonwealth is covered up and protected by the Monarchy.I was quickly cut short by Chief Justice Frank Vincent who was clearly livid that i had the balls to even ask such a question,shit i thought he was about to have a cardiac!! In the audience was the who’s who of the Judiciary,Supreme Court,County Court and Magistrates court. They say there’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity!! I must say i felt pretty stupid after realising i may very well have put a target on myself!

Heiner Affair Australia’s Shredgate shared a link.

Posted by Wayne Simmonds · 20 December 2014.

FORDE family involved in Child Sex Abuse Inquiries right across the Commonwealth!


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